What we do

The Photographer’s work is not just taking pictures, but keeping the relationship with the customers and the interaction with them. The idea is to transform a joyful moment in a beautiful picture where the family, the couple or the children are involved, having the freedom to be spontaneous to generate something valuable and interesting.
The tourist should never be disturbed, since as a company we are sure that we are loosing the prestige of the photographic proposal.
All production can be later seen by the customers, and be acquired or not, depending on their likes. We also offer couple, family or individual sessions. Both types of sessions, Weddings and Personal Photos, is where you can admire the high quality of our work.
The photographer needs around one hour, in which the hotel, the gardens and the beach will be visited.
For customers that are looking forward to go one step further, they can arrange an studio session with artificial lighting, done indoors or outdoors.